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March 11, 2015 - Author: Omonioboli - 5 Comments

IMG_0916 The AMVCA has come and gone. Phew!!! It was a tough one getting ready for it this year! So y’all know I have been going around Nigeria because I am shooting a documentary, so I had to time my Lagos shoot to coincide with the AMVCA so I could attend. I flew in on Friday afternoon, went straight to shoot before heading home to quickly kiss my kids. I was with them for all of 10 minutes before heading to Eko hotel to check in. Thank God for good assistants, Tomi had my makeup artist waiting for me, my outfits for the nominee’s cocktail laid out so I was ready in a little over an hour.

The cocktail was nice, it’s always great to network with fellow actors and filmmakers outside of work. So the big day! I also had to shoot that morning so I was out before 8am and was at it till 4pm. By the time I got to the hotel, the ‘village’ was waiting! Lol! It takes a whole village to get ready for big events. Special thanks to my workhorse designer Ayo Van Elmar. Your dedication to your craft inspires me. To the beautiful people from O’Naturals salon, thanks for my super fabulous hair do! Onyinye my makeup artist, you absolutely understand my face! Thanks Tomi my super efficient assistant for making sure everything came together nicely!

Watermarked PhotoIMG_0925

We were going for a pure African look and we pulled it off!!! I wanted to look like an African queen and I totally loved the outcome! Kudos to the AMVCA team! It was a beautiful event! Thanks Africa Magic for supporting the industry! A big congratulations to all the winners and to the nominees, we are all winners!

You see, life for me is about making your choices and being happy with them. Whatever the choice! From the choice of clothes, to spouse , to kid’s schools, to career or whatever! It doesn’t matter what other people think about your choice, what matters most is does it make you happy? That being said, I was happy with the look I went with for the AMVCA and at the end of the day, isn’t that what matters?

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Discussion (5 Comments)

  1. by stellamaris

    My super diva

  2. by Ruth Ifoghale Ifowodo

    U look beautifully stunning. Permit my English combination but could not think of something better

  3. by Asibong

    Well said,I was also very happy with your look and that’s all that matters don’t care what anyone else says

  4. Totally loved your look to the event. Especially the hairdo. its good to know that in the midst of all this craziness, u r still find time to smell the roses. Keep being awesome. Xoxo.
    P.s tried d 3 day detox. It was hard but pulled thru and love the improvements im seeing in my waistline. will try it again soon.

  5. by August

    Stunning. Your make up artiste does understand your face. oh and your sons are the cutest! I’ll come for one of them as soon as I have my daughter!!

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