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Hey peeps! We are here again! I am still excited about blogging! You can tell right? First of all, thanks to all of who left feedback. Keep the comments and questions coming! Will do my best to answer them all. I appreciate the love. Let’s stay connected!

Detox selfie

So I recently did a 3 day detox and I have continued after that to replace meals with smoothies and boy am I enjoying the results!!! Many of you have asked for the recipes and it will be selfish to keep it to myself. After all, we are here to learn and share. It takes determination and motivation and you might feel like quitting many times during the 3 days detox, I know I did! Many times, I asked myself who sent me but stick to it and you will be glad you did. The benefits far outweigh the discomfort.

When I decided to do this detox, I did it primarily for my skin and to rest my system from food but one of the side effects (a great one for most people) is the weight loss that comes with it! I lost over 2 kilos after 3 days. For someone like me who wasn’t big to start with, 2 kilos is a lot of weight loss but I am not complaining. Not at all! I am rocking my new size! I am back to my pre children weight. Isn’t that amazing?!!!
So, here it is! My 3 day detox diet!

Something to note is throughout the 3 day detox, have a glass of hot water with a slice of lemon or lime first thing in the morning when you wake up. I saw this detox in a book but I have modified it to suit my purpose. You should also make a 3 to 4 liter ‘juice water’ that you can drink throughout the day. You can either make it by adding 3 to 4 liters of water to the pulp from your juicing and sieve or you can just blend an apple, 1/4 of a cucumber, a slice of lemon, a slice of beetroot and a stick of celery, add the water to it and sieve.

Breakfast – Cool detox
Lunch – Cool Detox
Dinner – Fab Detox

Breakfast – Super cool Detox Smoothie
Lunch – Chic Detox
Dinner – Fab Detox

Breakfast -Cool Detox
Lunch – Fab Detox
Dinner – Chic Detox
Cool Detox
2 apples
1 carrot
1 slice unpeeled lemon
1/4 yellow bell pepper
1 inch slice cucumber
1/4 piece celery
1 inch broccoli stem
1 inch slice raw beetroot

If you have a juicer, juice all fruits and veggies listed. Blend juice with ice or just add ice.

Chic Detox
2 apples
1 slice of unpeeled lemon
1 inch slice cucumber
1/4 piece celery
1 inch piece fresh ginger

Juice everything and blend juice with ice or just add ice.

Super cool Detox smoothie
1/2 small pineapple
1 handful fresh blueberries
1 handful fresh blackberries
200g low fat yogurt
4 ice cubes

Juice pineapple and blend juice with berries, yogurt and ice.

Fab Detox
3 apples
1 large handful spinach
1 inch raw beetroot
1 inch slice cucumber
1/2 ripe avocado

Juice all fruits and veggies listed. Blend juice with ice to create smoothie.

Apple & cucumber are amazing for flushing and cleaning the system
Celery- flushes the body of excessive carbon dioxide and reduce acidity in the system.
Beetroot- extremely good for cleaning the bloodstream and is excellent with lemon for cleansing liver and kidney.
Ginger is a well known natural antibiotic and superb decongestant
Blueberries contain some of nature’s most powerful antioxidants and anti-aging phytonutrients
Blackberries are antibacterial, they promote healing and are also good for treatment and prevention of diarrhoea.
Parsley is one of nature’s superherb. It expels worms, relieves gas, freshens breath, stimulates normal activity of digestive system.

Good luck with it and let me know how it goes! Can’t wait to see your results!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Much love!

Discussion (62 Comments)

  1. by Oma

    Thanks for sharing. Now, I am more motivated to undergo my 3days detox next week. Hope to share my results too.

    • by Omonioboli

      You are welcome! Can’t wait to read your results!

      • by tyna

        Dis is fab. Detox is ferry gud @tymes. I do somtymes and I tell u its very gud for d fat,plumpy and big stomach ladies. U ll b very glad u did cos u ll definatly loose weight.tnx sis we really apprct u.

    • by Folashade

      Please where do u buy all these fruits n veggies in Lagos eg parsley brocolli blueberries n all?

  2. I know I’ll try this some day but not now. I can imagine how much food one will crave.


    Perception allows reception. If your mind can grasp it, your life can experience it. The issue isn’t what you fear, but your perception of it.

  3. by evelyn

    Pls ma. I want to lose weight and I want to knw what I need to do. Thanks

  4. by Princess

    Hi. Im so glad you posted the detox recipe, will sure try it.. my challenge now is a juicer which im sure to get. Thanks and remain fab!.

  5. by Ify James

    Waooo waooo, mama boys thank u ooooo. Will try it. Bless u

  6. by Esther tessy Oriekaose Ohen

    Rely can’t wait to try dis 3 days Detox cos I rely nid to loose some weight.@aunt Omoli great one tnks sis

  7. by ngozi morgan

    Nice one will try it right away

  8. by Mrswhitze

    Where do you get your fruits to buy?

  9. by mrs lilian

    Thanks ma’am. I will definitely try this over the weekend and give u feedback

  10. by joan dada

    Will give it a try..I’m not a fruit person at all. But will so try ds cos I don’t like ds bloated feeling.

  11. by Stephanie Nkechi Chigbu

    Wow oooo!!!! Thanks for sharing ma’m…i ll definitely try it.

  12. by Ruby

    I will try that. I have spots on my body, do you have an idea of what I can use to clear my skin. Thank you.

  13. by Regina

    Thanks for sharing…..will definitely give it a try…love what u do….don’t get tired.

  14. by lisa

    Thanks a lot! will let u know how it turned out. sooo Happy #cutemama #feelgoodinsideandout #lotsoflovefromurbiggestfan

  15. by eke chioma

    GOD BLESS YOU OMONI OBOLI.YOU will always remain a wonder to your have in one way or another alerts inspiredme…

  16. by eke chioma

    Always* typo error

  17. Hey Omoni I will definitely try this cus I have got a lot of kilos to loose thanks for infor

  18. by dolapo

    Can i juice my lunch and dinner in the morning and just refrigerate and it wont get bad?also is there a substitute for the berries.

  19. by Vera

    wow…. Thanks

  20. by Esther Ndidi

    This is nice…thanks

  21. by Esther Ndidi

    this is nice.thanks for sharing.

  22. by mrs. denja

    Nice one will giv it a try

  23. by didi

    Hi Omoni,

    Just wondering is it safe to do this detox program if you’re nursing a baby? ?

  24. by cynthia

    Thanks soooo much.i am going to try itand i will be back here to u d result.but how to get d celery and beetroot is my p. Am in Ghana tho and am sure when i go to d mall i can get it

  25. by Uloma Arinze

    Thank you so much for sharing this.Am doing mine and loving’re such a darling. God bless u.

  26. by mrs ify onwochei

    Great! Thanks for the info.

  27. by Oluwakemi

    You are a real gem for giving out what others will ordinarily bill for. Thanks so much

  28. by Chika kelly

    Hi Omani I love your hair .. What hair products would you usually recommend for natural hair?.. I seem to struggle to keep mine well moisturised .

  29. If I try this,familiar people might not recognize me again lol! But thanks for sharing, it just may come in handy somedays.

  30. by Adeyemi-Bigglats

    @OmoniOboli: Thanks so much for sharing this useful and life-improving information with us. That’s what makes you the best among your equals. I shall try the detox and get back to on this forum. God bless you!

  31. by Adanna

    yiiish! The idea of dieting has always scared me but going by my present weight, I have no choice and thankfully ur diet plan involves fruits so I am totally summoning all d strength from within. I am in my 20 ‘ so what excuse do I hv to look bloated while your body is soo on fleet at 30s. I am challenged and inspired but e go hard oh

  32. by DMummy

    hi. Thanks for d every recipes and I can get them in asda store close to me. am starting dis week I prayed I manage to finish

  33. by DMummy

    hi. Thanks for d every recipes and I can get them in asda store close to me. am starting this week I prayed I manage to finish

  34. by Mercy

    Nice one! Keep up Mrs!!

  35. by Cleo

    Nice one! Keep it up Mrs!!

  36. You are simply the Best, would start mine Today.

  37. by Temilola

    Suppy visitn ur blog 4 d first time and melove so much plss get a bbm channel plsss..dnt wanna miss out on anytin.

  38. by sissygreg

    Omoni thanks for sharing,I must add this to my detox program. Mam inspired thanks a bunch.

  39. Hello Omoni,infact this is exactly what i needed in my life right now. But where in Lagos can i get beetroot,parsley,blueebrry…and do they have local names that i can easily comunicate in the market

  40. by anita

    is there any common substitute for spinach and broccoli stem.I’ve not been able 2 gt them from local grocery vendors

  41. by Uduak

    Thanks so much pls what can I substitute for berries

  42. by Gold udensi

    Omoni how do I flatten my tommy

    • by Omonioboli

      To flatten your tummy, you have to incorporate both diet and fitness. You must burn fat for it to reduce. So exercise is key! You must also reduce your carbohydrate intake especially at night. When you eat late, you bloat in the mornings. Just try it for a week. Replace your dinner with a smoothie or soup without carbohydrate and you’ll see the difference. Do general cardio exercise and targeted tummy exercises with the diet and you should be fine! Thank me later! 😉

  43. by Uju

    Thanks for sharing… God bless you

    • by Omonioboli

      Amen! Thanks

  44. by Shollyberry

    Wow…. Thanks so much. Will surely try this just don’t know where to get some of the fruit but will definitely try it. A big fan of yours.. Thanks once again

    • by Omonioboli

      If you live in Lagos, there’s a place on Idowu Martins, off Adeola Odeku where fruits are sold. Good luck!

  45. by Abiola

    Thanks ma for this recipes. Am trying to lose tummy fat after 3kids, am grateful that you make this recipes available for everyone.I will give it a go and let you know the result.

  46. by Omoh

    Thanks a million… I bought my smoothie blender the very 1st Time I saw u with one I never knew about smoothie travellers blenders really worth it so I will give it a try..

    • by Omonioboli


  47. by Omodolapo Okeowo

    Pls what’s dis beetroot nd avocado cos I dunno it.Am sorry if d question sound somehow

  48. by Dee

    Please what else can you use if you don’t have a juicer?

  49. by Jacqueline Onuorah

    If you dont have juicer, you can use a smoothie make..

  50. by serah

    Thanks for sharing but please how long can one be on this detox cleanse?

  51. by Nelo

    Thank you so much ma’am for this! God bless you for sharing. Please I’d like to know if there are more common alternatives for some of the veggies/fruits you listed above, like celery, parsley, blue &black berries and broccoli. I’m presently in Nsukka where these are more or less unavailable. Thank you.

  52. by Idy

    Thank you for the detox recipe.
    Happy birthday to you.
    You are a great inspiration to women.
    Loved your talk at the self made women conference.

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