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Hey Naturalista! Do You Henna?

February 18, 2018 - Author: Omonioboli - 41 Comments

Hey Naturalista! How’s your natural hair journey going? Mine’s coming along just fine! Enjoying every step of the journey. I’m enjoying discovering my hair

, knowing ‘her’ needs, what she likes and doesn’t like. Oh by the way, her name is ‘Omoni Curls’. I know I’m not the only crazy weirdo who named her hair! Lol! So leave a comment when you are done and tell me what you named your hair!

Ok so I do a henna treatment about once every month. I love what it does to my hair. It makes my hair fuller, stronger and glossier. It also works as an anti breakage treatment and I think when you do it over time, it helps with the almighty shrinkage!
I know some people with jet black hair might worry about the dying effect of henna. It gives a nice reddish tint. Let me explain how it really is. It doesn’t necessarily dye your hair into a red colour. It will only do that if your hair colour is light. So if for instance, you have a lot of greys, your grey hair will turn a reddish colour. Your normal black hair will remain black but if you stand in the sun, you might notice a reddish hue. I think it’s beautiful!
There are different types of henna treatment. I like to do what is referred to as a henna gloss because henna on its own can be quite drying.
There are also many ways to do a henna gloss but if you are like me, you want the easiest, least stressful method! So here goes!

Get some protein free conditioner. It’s advisable to get a thick one that won’t leave a runny mess.
Mix anywhere from a heaped tablespoons to about 100g of henna powder into the conditioner.
Apply to hair
Put on a plastic cap and a heat cap that will help release the dye.
Leave in for at least 2 hours and rinse off.
Apply another conditioner to detangle. Rinse off and use your normal leave in conditioner (make sure it’s very moisturizing) and whatever other treatment you use.
What I like most is you don’t even need gloves for this method and it doesn’t leave a mess too!
Viola! Your hair gets fuller, shinier, thicker.
So do your research, and if you do try it, let me know your thoughts! If you already henna, tell me how you do yours, and the benefits you’ve noticed.
Don’t forget to leave me the names of your hair, just for laughs!
As always, hugs and kisses!!!

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Discussion (41 Comments)

  1. by miriam Charles

    I simply call my hair “mykink” cos it’s sooo kinky!…It also makes me feel like I have company and I’m not alone cos most times its just mykink&i…

    • by Omonioboli

      Lol! Nice name!!! And I know how you feel like your hair is alive’

  2. by Jacinta Ufuoma Gold

    I was sceptical about its colouring effect, but I will try it out this way and see how it goes. Thanks a lot. Much love to you and your family.

    • by Omonioboli

      Thanks! Let me know how it goes!

  3. by Tilly

    I think its time for me to try Henna and I know my “mzz TKinks” will love it anyways, that is what I call my baby on my head. lol….

    • by Omonioboli

      Lol! Try it and let me know what Mzz Tkinks thinks!

      • wa alaiki saalam I am so sorry but the color will only show up on light hair. You can get a glow like when you stand in the sun you will the color then but not bright on your hair if it is dark. please take care when using any kind of chemical on your hair. Color dries your hair out and tend to make the ends brittle. You will have to stay up on your moisture protein balance.

  4. by ufuoma

    Good stuff! I call mine ‘shaggy’ lol..hubby actually named her. Will definitely give the henna and try, I always love a bit of tint though. Thanks for the info.x

    • by Omonioboli

      Lol @ Shaggy! Your hubby’s so funny!

      • wa alaikum slaaam masha Allah. I only put a little in my hands and apply the oil to my hair. Not like I am doing a oil treatment just to cover my hair and ends of my hair so it is very little. Right now I have it in 4 plaits that are not braided all the way down because it seems to mess up my ends when I plait my hair. I was going back to sleep anyway so I may co wash and put mixed chicks on it or just leave it like this since I am still packing to move. But I don’t have to wash it out because it was only a little. I really hope this helped you insha Allah and have a happy hair journey.

  5. Oh wow, I actually never thought of that – “hennaing” my hair that is.
    I really love your hair and it always looks so good, mine’s not yet long enough to go in a ponytail so all I really do is push it up with some sort of hair drawstring and, right now, I am right about ready to put it in braids as this look does get tiring.
    I’ll read through your blog and see what gems I could find for “her”.
    Oh, and I’ll be thinking of a pretty name for “her” too!

    • Hi hun, as I was suggesting maybe have a look at the prcotdus you are using it could possibly be product build up over time which might be giving the locs a dull look, maybe try claryfying or possibly cutting down on any moisture prcotdus that you might be using or anything with too much oil. Hope that helps

  6. by Jessica

    How do I have natural hair because my hair has already be retouch with relaxer

    • by Omonioboli

      Just stop retouching it and with time, you can cut off the perms.

    • by Omonioboli

      Ok! Good luck with the naming. Don’t forget to invite us for the naming ceremony! Lol

  7. by debbie

    Hi omoni
    Am half way becoming a real naturalister, am becoming so proud of myself never thought I could do it, but guess what am having the permed hair cut very soon. Thanks to brave women like u who keep us inspired, av not gotten a name yet but will let u knw when I do. Thanks Debbie

    • by Omonioboli

      Awww Debbie, I am super proud of you! Keep me updated on your journey! Plenty hugs and kisses

  8. by deka

    i so love this post…check out my women lifestyle blog…i promise you will love it and always come back for more…

    • Assalaamu alaikum sis,I just retcnely subscribed to your blog so I’m trying to catch up on older entries as well as your current ones inshallah. I’d like to know after you apply the oil do you cover your hair or just go about your day as usual? Is it rinsed out or no? I’m starting my natural hair journey again and have noticed my hair texture has changed from my late 20s/early 30s when I first went natural. So I’m learning what works for my hair all over again lol.

      • by Omonioboli

        If you are doing a deep oil treatment, cover your hair. You can rinse it out later

        • If your arlictes are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.”

  9. by Ellen Affah

    Hi omoni.i sent you an email about the hair event.would be hoping for a reply.remain blessed.

    • by Juan

      Henna behaves very much like a stadrand protein treatment. Because the pigments mostly adhere to the outermost cuticle layers, with some migration deeper into the fiber, henna is able to give our hair a nice gloss, reduce porosity and offer protective benefits to the cuticle. Henna increases the diameter of individual hair shafts, which gives the illusion of greater hair thickness. Henna can make textured hair feel stronger and perhaps somewhat coarse; therefore deep conditioning is highly recommended after coloring with henna.

  10. by Amanda

    Pls how do I get the henna plsss

    • by Omonioboli

      Hey dear, henna is sold in many stores. Just check supermarkets

  11. by Akinnusi temitope

    Please what steps do I need to take to keep my natural hair

    • by Omonioboli

      Hey dear, read the post one natural hair journey. Let me know if you still have questions

  12. Goodevening. Thanks for your post. It’s very helpful. I wanted to ask if you could include photos when you give information like this. Like photos of your hair before you put the mix in your hair, photos of the mix and then the after effect. That’ll be exciting so we’ll be expecting it. Thank you in advance

    • by Omonioboli

      Brilliant idea! I will. Cheers

  13. by Asibong

    I recently had my big chop off and your hair inspired me to, I’m rocking my new look and enjoying my natural hair journey so far.

    • “we can accept kids for whichever chrscateairtics they exhibit and raise them in ways that will help cultivate the traits that they do have” Exactly. Our daughter goes through phases and is more shy with some people than others. It’s normal and shouldn’t be apologized for.Steph recently posted..

  14. by Serah

    Hi I went natural about 5 months ago and it was ok until now my hair keeps breaking and am losing hair in some spots what should I do am thinking of going to see a hair specialist, please I need help

  15. by Ajobor Ruth

    Hi have carried my natural for as long as I remember have carried it but it does not seem to grow please I need help on my hair thanks.

  16. Hi, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post. It was inspiring.Keep on posting!

  17. by chioma

    please OMONI i just started with my natural hair….how do i continue as a starter…thanks

  18. by whitney

    Nothing beats natural! 🙂

  19. by tope

    I just cut my hair. my hair is naturally brown. how will the henna sit on my natural color? also may I have a list of products to get? all I do for now is water, virgin coconut oil and Shea butter. thank youuuhh

  20. by Routiey

    I named my own 4c natural hair “ANNE”,she just love complying to treatments given to her even though she arent long but she’s lovely,soft textured and when styled she just get eyes on her. Love her much but i dont know where to get the henna

  21. by Bismark

    I don’t have a name for my yet.But I think I will try the henna treatment.thanks for the tips.

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