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Happy fly free year!

January 6, 2016 - Author: Omonioboli - 128 Comments


Hi everyone, first of all, happy New Year!!! It’s gonna be a great year! I just know it! I wish you all, your best year yet! May every good thing come!!!

So we are still on our quest for a bug free home and we all hate those annoying flies! I know I do! I just feel everything they land on is contaminated! Hahaha! So let’s not waste anytime with them! Time to get rid of them!

My First Ready Set Dead challenge is to get rid of the Nuisance Fly. When light is dull, insects tend to doze on walls and ceilings. This is why Baygon recommends the most effective time for indoor “fly spraying”, is at the brightest time of day. I use the green Baygon Aerosol, which kills instantly and works for me.
It also kills the flies eggs, preventing them from breeding.

Cheers to a bug free new year!

Hugs and kisses

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Discussion (128 Comments)

  1. by Ose Magnum

    I prefer rats in my house to flies! They are most annoying esp at night! Sometimes I wish I could actually crucify them and shoot them… Nice write up boss. .I love it

  2. by Stephanie Nkechi Chigbu

    Nice one ma’am, this method of brightest time of the day,will it work for cockroaches?? Because i know this annoying cockroaches are more active at night especially when there r uncovered left over foods,unwashed plates or dirts in the trash bin. I use baygon as well and its very effective.

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