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March 6, 2015 - Author: Omonioboli - 17 Comments

blog5Hey my Omonifam! (As I fondly refer to you all who stop by here to connect and share) Always a pleasure connecting. So I have tried some of the sleep inducing methods you shared with me and I am getting some good results, the problem now is there isn’t enough time to sleep! Two nights ago, I finished my event in Asaba after 1am, got to bed at almost 3am and had to be up before 7am for a road trip to Enugu. The whole day working in Enugu, I was dragging! I felt sleep-deprived, and my body was screaming!

What I have realized is our bodies speak to us. We decide to listen or not. Your body lets you know when it needs to shut down, when it needs food or when it needs some pampering or TLC! So my body was crying for more sleep and I got about 6 straight hours last night. Today I feel like a million bucks!!! Sleep is good for the body!!!  I am yet to try swimming before bed which I am particularly looking forward to because I will tone my muscles in the process and it would afford me more bonding time with the boys. I have been traveling quite a bit so I haven’t been home much and I miss my boys! *sigh* I’m sure all working parents can relate! It’s such a drag really. As much as I thoroughly enjoy my job, I miss my family every time I am away. I just can’t wait to go home most times but it’s the price we have to pay. So many times, we have to rob Peter to pay Paul. That means unfortunately, we have to reject some jobs to have time for the family. It’s the reason why it might appear that I don’t feature in so many movies. Movie making is a very time consuming work and most times it takes over your whole life, giving you little or no room for anything else. The hours are crazy, stretching into the early hours of the morning most days, and I am mostly physically, mentally, emotionally and ‘everythingcally’ exhausted after a day at work. Sometimes on the other hand, we have to sacrifice family time for the job. The trick though is to find a balance. Holiday times are so important because it’s a time when you bond without distractions. In times past, I would sometimes sacrifice my family holiday time for a job but a couple of years ago, I decided I would never do that again! So no matter how much you offer me, when its family holiday time, I have to turn down the job. I look forward to those times and it’s usually the high point of my year because we are usually in a smaller space than our home so we are all up in everyone’s face! I love it! I HAVE to cook and clean up after everyone sometimes (not totally crazy about the cleaning), but I love our family time. I find that we Africans like to work and work and not make time to relax or travel to see the world around us. Travel doesn’t always have to be expensive or to a faraway land and if you put a little money away every month, you can make your vacation dreams a reality!

On a different note, I know a great technique for making babies sleep through the night so new moms can get some much needed rest. It worked great for me so let me know if you want me to share! As always, I appreciate all your comments and suggestions so keep them coming! I only have love to give!

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Discussion (17 Comments)

  1. by asibong

    I think am getting addicted to your blog am always anxious for the next blog post. Its my birthday tomorrow and a shout out from you will make my day.

    • by Omonioboli

      Happy birthday Asibong!!! God bless you darling!

  2. by Ufuoma Onyenokwe

    Its really tough juggling a home and career. #Robbing Peter to pay paul..loll..Truly we mothers sacrifice a lot for our family.

  3. by Ufuoma Onyenokwe

    Its really tough juggling a home and career. #Robbing Peter to pay paul..loll..Truly mothers sacrifice a lot for their families.

  4. by Asibong

    Thank you very much ma I greatly appreciate

  5. by Zinne

    I would like to know the technique in making babies sleep through the night as I have a 3 months old. Seems like I have been sleep deprived for years…help

  6. by Mrs OJ

    Hi Omoni!

    I will like to know your great technique for making babies sleep through the night. Could you please share the information?

    • by ethel

      Lol @sleep deprived for years

  7. love the part of saving every month for a vacation, and i strongly believe it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Not every time work, some time relax

  8. by Funke

    Kindly share the techniques for making babies sleep thruout the note. Will appreciate that. Thx

  9. by Ola

    Love ur blog u rock !!!!!! Pls do share the technique to make babies sleep.thanks

  10. by stellamaris

    Oh omoni my omoni…..u look absolutely stunning in ur simple look.. There is beauty in simplicity u know.#winks

  11. by Stella Lucy

    I love you ma’am, your movies too, seeing them gives me such a rush#smiles. Do you exfoliate? Which good product can you recommend one?

  12. by sissygreg

    Stunning mama I just drop by,I must say am already in love with or blog.

  13. by Koko

    First time on this blog and it’s really cool. Please I need the sleep therapy for my 6 month old, he wakes up an average Of 6 times at night

    Hi all,

    Please check out my blog,

    Thanks 🙂

    • by Omonioboli

      Thanks. I already posted the method to make baby sleep through the night. It’s called Robbing Peter To Pay Paul 2

  14. So true..

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