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March 2, 2015 - Author: Omonioboli - 26 Comments


I once heard a story about someone who fell into a pit and was hanging on to a branch which was holding him from falling all the way down. In his fear, he cried out for someone to help him. He heard a voice call out to him. Excitedly, he asked, “who’s there?”. The voice answered, “It’s me God”. He was very happy! “Oh thank you God, if anyone can help me, it’s You!” “Ok my son” God replied. “Let go of the branch”. “Let go of the branch?” He asked incredulously. “Yes son, let it go”. He looked down and saw a never ending black hole. “Help,” he cried. “Is there anyone else up there?” Many times in our lives things happen that we don’t understand. You are just about to get a big job, or a business deal and at the last minute it doesn’t fall through. You cry out in your frustration to God and don’t seem to get a favorable reply. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been so close to a deal, I could literally smell the money and pecks that come with it, only to have it pulled out from under me. I have cried real tears of frustration and mourned those jobs and deals, sometimes for weeks, wondering why.

All things work together for good, right? What is the good in a deal that will bring good money and perks just going away like that? What is the good in loosing a loved one? When I lost my mom, I just couldn’t get it! What could the good be?!!! It’s been almost 13 years and I dare say I don’t know what good came out of it but over the years, I have come to let go and let God. Many times, a much bigger and better deal comes that wipes the tears of the deal I lost. Other times, nothing comes but I have learnt to trust that He knows what’s best for me and he makes all things beautiful in His time. It doesn’t mean I don’t hurt or even cry (yeah, I cry about stuff like that. I am human after all…lol!) but after wiping my tears, I tell myself “it’s working for my good”. It always is all part of God’s grand plan for my life. I am not perfect. Far from it! I make mistakes everyday. Sometimes they are not even mistakes, I do the wrong thing knowing fully well that it is wrong but hoping it won’t matter in the end.

I just came by to encourage someone including myself that if we could just let go and let God, all things will work together for our good. Sometimes, the ‘good’ might not be what we had hoped for or envisaged, but because none of us knows tomorrow, it’s still best to let go and let God! Don’t forget to leave your comments or share your own experiences. I am loving them! Love always!

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Discussion (26 Comments)

  1. That’s life journey with various bends, that we occassionally blend through if we do let God, the constructor lead us on.

  2. by Mzbubu

    Thank you for sharing…. this just helped

  3. by Omoye

    I have learnt to take life one step at a time…After graduating from skool…I was so desperate to get a job not knowing God wanted me to be an Entrepreneur but today my story Don change… I always say to myself if God can feed the birds of the air..He will feed me.U can check my instagram @teeomoye for my jobs..Thank you

  4. by Felice D.

    very inspirational piece.
    hmm….i now have a new motto;Let go and let God!
    tanx 4 d write up/message Mrs O..
    more grease 2 ur elbows n a happy new month 2 u n ur family,wishing u God’s blessings now and always,Amen.

  5. by chris

    Amazing story.Good luck with yiur new blog.I watch your movies here in States, you are very goog..
    Goos luck and congrats..

  6. by asibong

    Very motivational let go and let God am going to paste it on my door

  7. by asibong

    Am going to paste it on my wall.learnt that from a movie you did where you were sick and pasted healing scriptures on the wall remember?

  8. This is nice and inspiring…I did leave a comment on ur very first article “Simply Me” but I still haven’t got a reply from u. Kindly please reply me so I know ur thoughts. Stay blessed and may u continue to excel in all ur endeavors.

  9. by Oyindamola

    The Lord Is Good.

  10. by Uruemu Duku

    This is a wonderful and inspiring piece, my hubby and I are in the letting ggo and let God phase of our live, it hasn’t been easy but we trust the One who knows the end from the beginning and is ever faithful. God bless you real good Omoni dear.

  11. by chinelo

    Source of encouragement,thankx dearie,u ar blessed.

  12. by Zinne

    Most times its really hard not questioning yourself or God when things don’t go as expected. I have been searching for a job and after a long time, I have an interview where I tell the truth about my situation and I am denied the job for been so truthful, hence back to square 1…i cry but I tell myself whatever I say to anyone has to be nothing but the truth because God is watching. So I dust myself up and live my life because I know better opportunities are on the way…

  13. by tanny

    I can relate wit dis, ma story is long, I cried and cried bt @ d end 1 tin kept me going- ma God is bigger dan all ma problems. I will surely smile @ last.

  14. by Ola

    God is faithful.

  15. by babe

    Wonderful piece!!

  16. by Gold udensi

    I luv dis piece one thing I have learnt in life is to let go and let God cos it’s God alone dat made me what I am today not me or power or should I say my energy.

    • Omoni Oboli, Thanks for the work you have done in the kids .may God reward u and give u more cnnlheas to bring in more help to them I salute u in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ keep the spirit burning for African Children both Orphans and vulnerable ones .

  17. by Feyi

    Thank you Ms Omoni, your words touched the deepest part of my heart and broke the tear crystal in my eyes. #stillIrise

  18. by nkiru madu

    Good piece dear…..tnks for sharing these with us,I have learnt to LET GO and LET GOD!

    • by Omonioboli

      I am glad I could help!

  19. by isioma victory

    Thnx ma’am for this wounderful inspiring write up, you are my mentor and i really look up to you in all ramifications and i really need to contact you about personal issue i want to share with you because i know you can help. Hope to hear from you thanks.

    • by Omonioboli

      Thanks! Fire away!

  20. by Ngozi

    so true . ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. not always easy to adjust. All shall be well one day

    • by Omonioboli


  21. by isioma victory

    Thank you for these words ma God bless you.

    • by Omonioboli

      Bless you too!!!

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