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December 8, 2015 - Author: Omonioboli - 4 Comments

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I’m so humbled and blessed to be honored with the Sun Newspaper Nollywood Person of the Year award. I was hosted to lunch by the management of Sun Newspaper, led by the MD, Mr Eric Osaigie, along with Mr Onuaoha Ekeh and Mr Tosin Ajirire.

There I was, in my little corner of the world, when I got a call from several people congratulating me on my award that they had seen in the newspapers. I was wondering where I had sent my movie to for award considerations or if someone had entered me into a competition without my knowledge. I found out later that it was the Sun Newspaper. Though I knew no one in the establishment, they gave me this well cherished award.
They treated this Nunu mum to lunch to do an informal presentation of the award before the award proper.
To all my fans, especially my #omonifam, I’m so grateful for your support and patronage. It feels good to be honored for what you do.


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Discussion (4 Comments)

  1. Congratulations Ma on your award. So proud of you

  2. by deka

    congrats. really proud of you…

  3. by Anthem Dugbo

    You sure deserve every bit and f that award. You were almost on set all through last year. Congrats!

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