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June 16, 2015 - Author: Omonioboli - 16 Comments


I am a healthy lifestyle buff! I’m sure most of you already know this…lol. I am constantly looking for some healthy living tip or the other. On a more serious note though, we already know that we are part of the great statistics…10 out 10 will die! (I don’t mean to be spooky) but it is unfortunately true. That being said, we want to be healthy for as long as we are alive.

One thing I have realized is we need food to stay alive (big discovery! Lol) but food can also kill us faster than we want. Food can be really nice and the temptation to stuff ourselves with food can be very real too but the one thing some of us don’t know, is that we can overcome those temptations! We shouldn’t let our cravings get the better of us.
I have over the years incorporated fruits and veggies into my diet and I have come to realize that juicing and blending is a fast and easy way to get your daily doze of fruits and veggies. Fruits and veggies are GOOD for you!
So let’s do something #omonifam, let’s do a healthy lifestyle challenge! For 30 days, let’s replace one meal a day with a smoothie! It could be breakfast, lunch or dinner! You pick! But let me make some suggestions… If you love your breakfast like me, then make your smoothie your lunch or dinner. If you want to loose some weight and reduce your belly fat while you are at it, make your smoothie your dinner. If you usually don’t have time for breakfast, then make your smoothie your breakfast.
So who’s with me?! Let’s do this! We’ll help each other. I’ll help by posting a smoothie recipe everyday. Feel free to use mine or you can mix and match fruits and veggies to make yours! I will also tell you what the different fruits and veggies do for your body. We start tomorrow the 17th of June.
TODAY’s SMOOTHIE RECIPE (great for skin)
Handful of spinach
Handful of pumpkin leaves (ugwu)
Half a cucumber
2 Apples
I celery stick (optional if you can’t find it)
1/2 cup coconut water to blend (you can use water)
This smoothie doesn’t have a smooth consistency so you might need a spoon to eat it.
spinach is an excellent source of vitamin K,A,C and folic acid. It has remarkable abilities to store energy,increase vitality and improve the quality of the blood.
Pumpkin leaf (ugwu) is such a powerful vegetable. Thank God it’s readily available in this part of the world. It contains vitamin A,C calcium and iron. Vitamin A is good for the eyes and skin, vitamin C good for skin, bones and teeth. Calcium is great for your bones and teeth. Iron is great for the blood and women and children in particular need a healthy dose of iron consistently.
Amongst it’s many health benefits, it lowers cholesterol, boost fertility, has antibacterial effects, can be used in the cure of anaemia. Also good for lactating for nursing mothers, boost immune system, and good for diabetics as well.
Cucumber is one of those highly underrated super foods! They are a good source of vitamin B so it’s a good ‘pick me up’. Cucumbers are 95% water so helps to keep the body hydrated while eliminating toxins. Great for skin and hair care. It relieves bad breath and aidaid in weight loss. There are so many other benefits of cucumber too numerous to mention.
Apples deserve to be called ‘nutritional powerhouses’. They contain vitamins C and B, dietary fibre and antioxidants. Apples can potentially improve neurological health, prevent dementia, reduce your risk of stroke, lower levels of bad cholesterol, reduce risk of diabetes and ward off breast cancer.
Coconut water! How refreshing! It’s an all natural way to hydrate,reduce sodium and add potassium to diets.
It’s very important to check with your doctor before consuming certain foods or starting certain exercises especially if you have an underlying condition. We cannot over emphasize this!
I don’t claim to know it all so talk to me, let’s compare notes! Can’t wait to hear from you! Hugs and kisses!

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Discussion (16 Comments)

  1. by joss

    Your skin,physique it’s Enuf for me to try waheva u recommend! Ride on role model, you rock….Godbless you for making me go natural now I must loss weight…..#teamhealthylivingkwenu# love u ma’m.

    • by Omonioboli

      Hahahahahaha!!! #teamhealthylivingkwenu! Love it!

  2. by jossie

    It’s jossie not joss…..mistypo#cant watch#

  3. by Olivia

    woooww I love this. Aunty Omoli ur the bomb. but so sad I cant participate in this cos I don’t have a blender, am a student and don’t have the money to get one. gush ur so down to earth. God bless u and ur home.

  4. by Olivia

    nice one

  5. by Olivia

    what’s spinach in Igbo pls

    • by Omonioboli

      Chai! I don’t know o

  6. by BW

    Thanks. I’m game for the smoothie diet – 17 June.

    • by Omonioboli

      Let’s do this!!! Woohoo!!!

  7. by ogochukwu Okoli-Nnaka

    Keep on keeping on dear,Healthy life is a wealthy life….Yes!!My recipe,Watermelon,mint leaf and cumcuber,,,Blend and enjoy….

    • by Omonioboli

      Great! I love mint!

  8. by kwin jina

    Done.I’m in!

    • by Omonioboli

      Great! Let’s go!!!

  9. by Lona Okpe

    i made spinach,apples,cucumber,carrot,garden egg…..d taste was awful.pls wat do i do?

    • by Omonioboli

      I think you should leave out the garden egg next time. Maybe try adding bananas. They are great for you and they sweeten everything.

  10. by yinka odubamowo

    Hello Omoni, i can see ugwu, pineapple, apple and cucumber readily available around me, do,you think this is okay? Wish,to start 30 days challenge (though i love eating meat, substituted it recently with chicken…pls,dnt laugh.) Can i still eat a little of chicken along side the recipe or what kind of meat/chicken should i eat…grilled? ..also,about the natural hair, my hair is all chopped off infront, its brown hair should i tint it? All the perming is almost off. What do you advise?

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