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May 18, 2015 - Author: Omonioboli - 5 Comments


As we all know, social media is free for all! You can pretty much say whatever on social media today and get away with it. Knowing this, many people have hidden behind anonymity to vent hate and frustrations on others. I was scrolling through Instagram on this beautiful Monday morning and I saw a LOT of hate on a young lady’s pictures because of an outfit she wore to an event yesterday and I thought to myself, this is so unfair! You really can’t stop people from hating or cussing you out but if you must do it, why do it to the person’s face? When you leave hateful comments on a person’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or whatever social media handle, it’s like standing in front of them and hurling insults at them!The sad truth is that, the perpetrators of this evil (yes that’s what it is!) could never insult these celebs or whoever they are insulting to their face! If you must vent, go to the blogs or other platforms and pour out your frustrations. It doesn’t show good upbringing when you curse people on their personal platforms.

That being said, because of the times we live in, I think everyone should develop a thick skin. I remember when I used to cry my eyes out when people would say hurtful things about me, many times outright lies. It used to hurt so bad but it helped shape me and I developed a thick skin in the process. I think we all should. Not everyone will love you and that’s ok. Most people don’t even love themselves! People who go about hating on others are sad and miserable and we should actually feel sorry for them. If you ever actually meet any of them, give them a hug and tell them everything will be alright *wink*
As always let me know your thoughts! Hugs and kisses



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Discussion (5 Comments)

  1. by Lily Lawson

    So true

  2. by kwin Jina
    Reply sucks,but its shows you are worth something with ur life. No one talks about the random people on their street. plus basically, they admire something in u,but envy makes them convert their admiration into hate.let it go…..

  3. by isagba ewomazino christabel

    ma i feel most people just do that out of jealousy

  4. by Blessing chiamaka

    true talk..but some do it just to have fun for themselves.. most pple enjoy insulting pple on social media especially wen it comes to this contest you celebs do atimes on instagram.

  5. by beautydots

    That’s human being for you, one just need to be focused and ignore them.

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