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September 26, 2015 - Author: Omonioboli - 4 Comments


Yesterday I had a very interesting meeting with two of my sister friends Uche Rodriguez and Ufuoma McDermott. We celebrated the birth of their babies, we spent many hours talking about how to move out beloved Nollywood forward and we also talked about pregnancy, the child birth process and all women go through having babies. In all, we agreed that it’s a joy to have these beautiful kids that God has given us.
You see, there is no ‘wrong’ way to give birth. If you had virginal births, great! If you had to be induced or you had a Ceasarian birth, all good and fine! The most important thing is that the baby came out and baby and mom are fine!
My heart always goes out to women who have difficulties having babies. Some women don’t want kids and that’s ok but for those who do and can’t take in for whatever reason, even though I don’t know that pain first hand, I always ache for them.
I don’t understand why the society still frowns on alternative ways of getting pregnant. I always advice women, if you’ve been married for over a year or two and you are not getting pregnant (assuming you want babies) seek medical help! There’s no point waiting for ten years. If getting pregnant through intercourse is not working, by all means try IVF or whatever your doctor advices. When all else fails, you can always adopt and love that child like you would a child that has your DNA. I’m not saying you shouldn’t pray and believe God for miracles. I always pray for women who want kids that God will meet them at the point of their need. May He answer everyone aching for a baby speedily and may your joy be full!
We are excitedly counting down to the cinema release of THE FIRST LADY. From October 1, the FIRST LADY will be showing in cinemas nationwide (Nigeria). Be sure to go watch it, and tell a friend to tell a friend!
Drop a line in the comments box! I love reading from you. Let’s share our thoughts!
Hugs and kisses!

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Discussion (4 Comments)

  1. by Belema

    Hi Omoni, I absolutely love and admire you alot, your personality and acting is amazing. Please I just cut my hair and want to go natural but I’m having trouble finding a sulfate free shampoo, I need suggestions on products you think I should use. A reply will be really appreciated, thanks. God bless you

  2. I love the woman you are truly. Thanks for the advice on making babies. You rock as a mum too. I love the magazine cover as well. Hope to go out and see the FIRST lady and hope that you attend our Bloggers Party in Abuja in December. Cheers sis.

  3. by BUNMI dayo

    I omoni I kept on loving you everyday not because of your beauty but your uniqueness, u are virtuous woman.God will keep your home kisses

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