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June 16, 2016 - Author: Omonioboli - 94 Comments

My Natural Hair Journey! It’s been almost a year and five months since I did the big chop. I transitioned for a couple of months before chopping off all the perms and I haven’t looked back since then. I looooove my natural hair! Going natural is one of the best decisions I have made!

I always get questions on my hair care routine so I am going to let you all know how I care for my hair without advertising any particular hair product. Please don’t ask questions on particular products. Deal? Cool! Let’s go!
The first thing I think natural hair needs is moisture! That’s why I have my spray bottle of mostly water which I use morning and night. I spray my hair with water, not too much so it’s not dripping wet, I then proceed to rub in a handful of leave in conditioner before sealing with oil. I use different oils for my hair but my ‘go to’ oil is coconut oil. I can’t over emphasize the importance of coconut oil. I use it on my skin, I cook with it, I use it on my hair. It’s like a cure all! You can even use it on your relationship and your bank account! Lol!
So back to my hair care routine. I co-wash my hair once a week. For those who don’t know what co-washing is, it’s washing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. I shampoo about once a month. After washing my hair, I oil my scalp with an oil mix. My oil mix typically contains a base oil like coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil or olive oil with shea butter. I add drops of an essential oil like peppermint oil, tea tree (great for dry scalp) or lemon oil. I deep condition every week or two depends on what I feel my hair needs. You can use any deep conditioner of your choice. You can also use a DIY deep conditioner from things in your kitchen. (That’s another lesson for another day…lol) The trick is to listen to your hair and know your hair. Your hair tells you what it needs. WTVhen it’s dry, you know you need extra infusion of moisture.
Once my hair is clean, I add a leave in conditioner, seal with oil and style. Whatever you do, pay attention to the ends of your hair. Make sure your leave in conditioner and oils get to the ends because the ends die faster and breakage starts there.
For styling, there are different styling products like curling puddings and creams. Sometimes, I skip the styling creams and just twist with the leave in conditioner in my hair. My go to style is a twist out! I like the definition it gives. Depending on the curl pattern you want, you can do big twists or small twist. Also depends on the length of your hair. When my hair was really short, I couldn’t do big twists even if I wanted to. So after twisting, I allow my hair air dry. I hardly ever use heat for my hair. I mostly twist at night and just sleep with a satin bonnet or scarf over my hair. It’s usually dry by morning. To unravel, I rub some oil on my hands, and unravel the twists gently. Also depending on what look you are going for, you can fluff out your hair. If you want a more defined style and not just a fro, you can use bobby pins or hair assesories to style.
The most important lesson to learn in the natural hair journey is to enjoy the journey! Rock your hair at various lengths! I certainly have! Don’t be in a hurry for your hair to grow. I loved my twa (teenie weenie afro) and I even miss it sometimes. I love my new length and I am not in competition with any other naturalista. We all have hair crushes and hair goals but every hair has its pace, it’s texture and its love language that it responds to. Learn to speak your hairs love language.
As always, I love to read from you. Drop a line or two. I’m still learning, I don’t claim to know it all. Let’s chat ladies, what are your secret potions and lotions? Lol! No excuses o, we must try our best to look good! Hugs and kisses

Omoni1 reduced

Makeup by Faceville Makeovers
Hair by Onaturals
Photo by Kelechi Amadi-Obi

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Discussion (94 Comments)

  1. by nwogu precious

    Thanks Omoni,i’m regrowing my respect for you! Was pretty upset sometime ago but I can’t help but love you. I also did the big chop last year December to be precise but then I’ve had to cut the hair like ten more times cos I couldn’t maintain the curls. My hair is so stubborn and because of where I school it’s so difficult to get hair products. Cut it again some weeks ago but I guess I’m leaving it this time. Thank you.

  2. by Vera

    what do you mean by leave in conditioner? i don’t dig.. please help

    • by Ebi

      After using the regular conditioner, you wash it out. The Leave-in conditioner is not washed out. You leave it on your hair and continue the styling process

      • by BW

        There are two types of conditioners. There is one you wash off and there is anothet called leave in conditioner. This one you leave it in the hair, you don’t wash it off.

    • by @tosinbolz

      Leave in conditioners are conditioners u don’t wash off your hair after applying it. It stays in your hair. No need to wash it off. That’s why it’s called leave in.

    • by Oma

      Dear Vera,

      Leave-in conditioner is a hair cream used in locking up water in ur hair after washing it, it also moisturizes your hair n makes it softer and easier to comb. It’s just like the usual hair conditioner u knw, d only difference is that u dnt wash it out like u wash out the other conditioner used when washing your hair. They are available in different brands and types. Know your hair type and get the one that’s best for your hair!!! Hope this helps…

  3. by xtie

    i really love natural hair and on transition-trail lol. Though i have not done any chop yet, but i really do love natural hair. I have loads of white hairs,my friend told me it will look nice….hope she is write cos i love dem.

  4. by Blessing Duniya

    I am currently in my transition period. Its been about 3months since I last permed. How do I trim the relaxed ends because I don’t want a major big chop and how long will I transition for? Besides I love your hair thanks for sharing your journey

  5. by Ebi

    I transitioned for 7 months before chopping off my relaxed ends. I will be two years fully natural in October. You are so right about the coconut oil. Nothing like it. Your post said it all but two additional things that can help are protective styling and moisturising. Our weather in Nigeria is hot so I keep my hair in protective styles a lot. If i am wearing twists with my own hair, I make sure my ends are tucked in and not rubbing on my shoulder or pillowcase. Braids and sew-ins (weave on) are also great protective styles but the stylist must not hold them tight. Especially along the hairline.

    For moisturising, I always use a moisturiser after i add my leave in. it makes my very thick hair so soft and easy to comb.

    So my own process is shampoo -> rinse -> condition -> rinse -> deep condition -> moisturise -> seal with coconut oil -> HAPPY NATURALISTA

    • by Victoria

      @Ebi, is (ALOE JOJOBA) the shampoo & codition you use for your hair ?
      I don’t know which one to use for my hair.

  6. by Tricia

    Am so xcited 2 read abt d journey of ur natural afro nd I must really commend u 4 dat ccos it just so gorgeous on u and am envious of ur afro lol! I doubt if I can be dat patient 2 do it buh wld definately give it a try cos I ve very thick nd stubborn ur write up I notice u dint mentioned blushing ur hair does dat mean u never brushed dem even when styling?.tanks a bunch 4 sharing ur hair secret with us.

    • I totally agree with the author. Nowadays, Internet control our life. Although it’s convenient and easy to get useful inoramftion, We easily rely on it too much. So, we will think and learn in only one way. Without thinking creative, having the ability to think, we will be nothing but a machine.

  7. by alexis

    Hi Omoli…..dese r rili nice tips,I even took notes tho m not a naturalista yet but your hair and tips just got me in d mood to shave my permed haurr…….thanx for the tips!

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  9. by Yemi

    For my DIY conditioner I mix raw egg with shea butter is really nice and gives my hair volume,moisture and perfect sheen

  10. by jossie

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Nuffin interest me like reading ur natural hair journey over n over…I Ave all required essential oils listed above buh I’ve neva tried it on my hair but my natural soap.I’ll give it a try cos my hair breaks like kilode…..n pls dis DIY wah dies it fully mean?

  11. by Jacinta Ufuoma Gold

    Your hair is so lovely. Thanks for the tips.

  12. by ada

    Leave in conditioner is self explanatory with its name its a conditioner you don’t need to wash out. It helps soften the hair. I am getting tired of journey already styling is difficult,i love wash n go’s but my hair wont natural hair salons are scarce in phc.

  13. by @tosinbolz

    Leave in conditioners are conditioners u don’t wash off your hair after applying. It stays in your hair, no need to wash it off. That’s why it’s called leave in

  14. by Oma

    Helo omoni…. Am ur biggest fan… I’ve been natural for 2 and half years now, n its d best decision I ever made… #naturalgirlsrock #naturalhairrules… Tnx for the tips!!

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  16. by Ella

    Tnks omoni, I use most of these things u mentioned but my hair is really stubborn and easily gets strong and sometimes,difficult to comb. I also find it hard to twist
    onmy own because I have a full hair keep doing what u do mam

  17. by Chidinma

    @vera leave in conditioner do not need washing off i.e when u apply it you leave it , you don’t wash it off like other conditioner that you wash after applying

  18. by Suhayr

    Amazing!!! I transitiond for 13 months and did my big chop 2 weeks ago. I must say, my hair has really grown. I’m a 4a/4b, and Cantu and sheamoisture products have been my bestfriends. I also spray with a mixture of water and glycerin, then do the L.O.C method everyday. I cowash once a week, deep condition twice a week, and use shampoo on my hair once a month. I’ve found great benefits using ayurvedics like amla, shikakai and hibiscus powders to deep condition. I love my hair cz it’s sooooo damn healthy!!!

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  20. by Sotikare Oluwaseyi

    I really love this tutorial. God bless you.

  21. Hi a great fan,i’v bin on my natural for 2years now n just bout 2weeks ago i decided to do d big chop(actually bald,i mean bololo).i decided to do dis cos my split ends were much n my curls were no longer pronounced..i made bad choices of blow dryin n stretchin…buh am lookin forward to healthy hair…

  22. by frida

    thanks omoni,I Thanks Auntie omoni, I love your hair.

  23. by Rosemary

    I’m still trying to make up my mine on choping my permed hair, that is becos I wanted to be that is wat I want and will be able to handle it right. My me this is coming at the right tym and have learnt so much from ur journey and thanks so very much for sharing and educating me. But pls I need to know how twisting is done. I have always love n admire u

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  25. by Aanu

    Pls naturalista,can I get a name of a Product I can use for my deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner, d ones I bought are actually not working for my hair,was told they are nt for natural hair.and pls how do I deep condition properly

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  27. […] a new post on her blog –, she has decided to share her natural hair journey and what she uses to keep her mane healthy, […]

  28. by trish

    Beautiful hair thanks for sharing the tips God bless

  29. by Damilola

    Hello, I just wanted to ask if DC (deep conditioning) is done before or after co-washing?.

    • by Omonioboli

      After co wash dear

      • by Victoria

        Please what is the name of the shompoo and condition that you use for your hair?

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  31. […] who made the big switch 17 months ago to chop off her perms and a few days ago, she took to her personal blog to share her natural hair journey while providing some tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy […]

  32. by Belinda

    I love ur commitment to the whole thing.

  33. Wow!!!…#Nice!…natural hair really suits u! I fink ild gv ds natural hair-stuff a trial.

  34. by Mary Victor

    Its two months 9days since my Big Chop (BC). I do more of protective style (PS) I will do more of what u posted. And also, do you have any special treatment for edge line? Thanks for the tips.

  35. by precychimbo

    dear Omoni, i just started locs last 2months. but the idea was to grow naturalhair like urs. but i couldn’t find a right salon in benin-city to help me groom it. any help on where i can get a natural hair sakin in benin-city. Edo state.

  36. by Edith kelikume

    I am just enjoying this I hope I take THE big step soon. Thanks for sharing.

  37. by Christie

    U inspire me a lot with ur natural hair,am about 7 months on the journey & I love it so much. In ur write up u said we should give the hair what it wants lol. How can one really know that a particular product is good for a particular hair type?
    Thanks still learning

  38. u are incredibly beautiful…..i never get tired of looking at you or watching your movies..even better a look now that u are a naturalista.I have learnt alot and i will continue to follow for tips.your makeup is simply gorgeous.hugs and kisses …..muaH

  39. i like to know how the twist for the natural hair is being done bcos i was told if u weave ur natural hair and leave it for 8months it will twist by itself. how true is that pls?

    • by Omonioboli

      My hair is not locked Hun. I just twist it, then untwist after a couple of hours.

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  41. by Teni

    Hello Omoni, your hair is fantastic. You actually inspired me to go natural, my hair is a year now and I am loving it. Great tips you shared. Thanks.

    • by Omonioboli

      You are always welcome!!!

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  43. by Mimirowlz

    Thanks Omoni, it’s a privilege. Well, for my hair there’s not much I can say, I did the big chop in the beginning of the year. I use to have very long and curly gold brown hair before I chopped it off. I got tired I guess? Lol! Or longer throat for natural hair maybe. All I do is moisture with organic olive oil, natural coconut oil and mayonaise. And once in a while I wash my hair with onions juice really nice! How I do it? OK I just blend bulbs of onions to a smooth consistency and and sieve the juice out, soak my hair in it for 40mins and wash off with shampoo. Of course it smells like ogre breath but hey…☺☺☺

    • by Omonioboli

      Interesting!!! Enlighten me! What does it do for your hair?

    • Lol @ ogre breath! One would think you had an ogre at your disposal! I heard tons about onion juice for hair but I’m not yet inclined to try it.
      These photos are amazing. I can’t stop gushing over the flawless make up!

  44. by Joyful

    Your hair is really beautiful Omoni. I was transitioning before but eight months post relaxer, I got discouraged and retouched. Although my hair didn’t really relax well, I haven’t retouched since then and it’s been four months now. I have started transitioning again but a week ago I washed my hair and it got seriously tangled and I had serious breakage. Infact the hair I lost is some people’s full head of hair lol. Anyway long story short can you share how to manage your hair when transitioning because am not ready for the big chop just yet and feeling tempted to relax again because am afraid what will happen should I wash again. Thanks so much plus I love you.

  45. Ooh my God I really need this,I have been so confused for over a week now,thank you thank you.i have a mixture of Coconut oil,honey and Shea butter.does that do?i jab to add your blog to my home screen just 17years old and everyone discourages me from going natural except for my Mentor.i have actually cut my hair for a year plus now but I haven’t been doing or applying anything to it.this is a relief post sincerely.thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to put this up.

    • by Omonioboli

      Hey Nagisat, you are always welcome! What’s that mixture for exactly? What’s confusing you? Let’s see how we can help you? Waiting to hear from you

  46. by blessing udeme okoko

    good day pls which product are u using pls i want to no so that i can buy it pls help me sent it through my email thanks

  47. by Patience

    Lovely . I started the transition journey in April but got discouraged and retouched in September, after seeing you @ silverbird cinemas PH during your First Lady Cinema tour, I decided to begin my transition journey again(so help me God). Love your hair and love your looks , you inspire me and I love you. Thanks.

  48. by Enrie

    Hi Omoni,nice post and ofcourse I have screen grabbed all the information lol,I’v been transitioning for 10months now but it gets really painfull when I try to comb it(my hair is very tough and stubborn) so it’s always either in a weavon or braided.Pls I need tips on how to maintain the hair in transition cos am not really ready for the big chop yet and the hairline won’t stop choping(which was the main reason for the transition)Please I would really appreciate a reply.Thanks

    • by Omonioboli

      Hey dear, do you condition? You should try cutting off some of the permed hair little by little. For your hair line, massage it with essential oils every night for about five minutes to stimulate growth! Too much braids will keep chipping off your hairline. Go easy on the braids. Cheers

  49. by chidimma obasi

    Am so inspired reading about your natural hair journey. I want to be natural starting from this year 2016, but my hair is so hard. Can moisturising and leave in condition help make it soft? Thank you.

  50. by chidimma obasi

    Am so inspired about your natural hair journey. I intend going natural this year but my greatest fear and challenge is that my natural hair is so hard. Can moisturising and leave in conditions help make it soft? Thanks

    • by Omonioboli

      Yes they certainly can! Good luck on your natural hair journey! Xoxo

  51. by Fenton

    Sorry I have to ask about particular products, just starting mine. Apart from coconut oil and Shea butter, I ‘d like to know which leave in u use and which conditioner u use to co-wash. U can send direct mail to my inbox I’d be grateful. Thanks for sharing your journey

  52. by Chioma Emenike

    I love your hair and your skin so perfect,you sure know how to take care of yourself. I also enjoy your work routine pls keep it up,you encourage me and a lot of mothers out there. Weld one Girl.
    I have a natural hair salon in Enugu,call me on 08083444726.

  53. Hi omonioboli, I know what the comment am abt to post has totally nothin to do with natural hair though an actually a naturalist too. when I write I express myself in an extraordinary manner. and I feel when I write I can be able to impact in my little way. pls like,comment and share my short story on #thewinkchallenge #Wink #Wcommunity. my instargram page is Fiyahamz and also on Facebook its Feeyah jibrin. pls help me win,as I use my ink to give voice to women.

  54. by CHINENYE


  55. by murja

    I’m currently carrying my 11 month old transition hair but I trim little last month. I seriously need help coz I started noticing few months back, itching and dry scalp is really killing me here I tend to wash my hair every week coz of the white stuffs.pls wat can I use? Secondly I have a very stubborn hair so strong that when I’m combing it,it hurts like fire. Help jst help me out on steps and products I need to use to help my condtion…tnks.. very urgent!!!! Reply

  56. by onyinyechi

    First Lady u inspire me a lot to go on this journey ,all i do now is,i buy my essential hair product gradually and i watch a lot of transitioning update on you tube to learn more.

  57. by Janet Patrick

    Hello omoni, you sure doing a great job out there. please can you tell me the name of leave in conditioner you use? My hair is really hard and I want you to help me out . Please you can email it to me. Thank you

  58. by enny

    Way to go omoni….am also a naturalista. I use cantu products and aunt jackie adult hair range. I also use aunt jackie kids range for my daughter and u can’t help but love her natural hair. Coconut oil and off course yur spray bottle are great essentials for natural hair. Go girls…rock yur natural hair. enuf of these relaxers. Have great day

  59. Thanks for sharing. I’m also on a natural hair journey but I just wear low cut. I’m more comfortable with that. I’ve had my fair share of perms, I just want to keep it lying low. And, I must say I’m enjoying it so far. Would not trade it for anything in the whole wide world.

  60. by Brendan Gloria

    Goodmorning Dear aunt; my hair is just 6months old but I really wanna know the actual products u use cos your hair is looking very healthy and black. My front hair keep cutting but I don’t braid. I lock my hair wit lock and twist cream; is it wise to use the natural coconut cos I don’t wAnt to buy from the super stores. Please give me more guideline on to grow my natural hair. What do u mean by leave in conditioner? Thanks and have a lovely day ahead. Love u ma’am.

  61. Hy omoni I really love ur hair and u beautiful buh pls am finding it hard to cut my hair..a hairdresser told me I can leave it that way without relaxing is it possible??pls

  62. Hey omoni I love ur hair and u beautiful..finding it hard to cut my hair..a stylist told me I can leave it that way without relaxing pls is this possible?

    • by Omonioboli

      You can transition for a while. That means the natural hair will be growing underneath and then after some time, you can cut off the perms on top.

  63. by Sheri

    Thanks for the tips. Please what about your eadges cause mine is really pulling can you please tell me what you do to keep full edge?

  64. by Sheri

    Thanks for the tips, please what do you use for the edges cause mine is really pulling

  65. by Abisola

    Dear omoni, I really need to reach you, pls can I get an email or something

  66. by Ruthelle

    very inspiring… God bless you for sharing

  67. by oma ihendu Toby

    I did dada hair since may n I ave not loose I wnt to go for natural hair will it help me,is now 3months now,any advice on it,tnx love ur hair am jealous

  68. by oma ihendu Toby

    Am with dread hair for 3months now and I wnt to go natural hair dats why I need opinion on dis,shuld leave it for 2months more or shuld I lose it n follow ur advice,my 2 daughters hair are natural n I dnt plan to perm it again each time I try it,it wil cut their hair,I use d children kit for perm still it will cut too.pls reply

  69. by mimi

    I’m also a 4c natural Nigerian blogger and your hair story is inspiring! Check out my blog for lots of ways to care for and style your natural hair

  70. by lollyfaithy

    Have been transitioning since April nd I do trim the relaxed end once in a month but am tempted to do the big chop next month because the perming cuts off itself and my front hair is longer than the back hair,

    • by Omonioboli

      Just do it!

  71. by Titilayo ayobami

    I love your hair, it your hair that made me makeup my mind, im in transitioning now, it been 4month now& I’ve started chopping off gradually, at least I’ve chopped off twice now, my fear is that my hair color is brown, so will it look beautiful, without having to add any articial color to it. Then for how long can I transition, before the total chop off of the perm. Thanks

    • by Omonioboli

      It will look beautiful don’t worry. However long you transition depends on you and how long you want your natural hair to be. I didn’t transition for long because I wanted to rock the tiny Afro.

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